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What is McAfee Activation Code?


To begin with the McAfee Activate procedure, you first have to purchase the product. For this, go to the official website of McAfee or buy through the retail store. Thereafter, move further with the McAfee Activate procedure. 

What is McAfee Activation Code?

 After you purchase a McAfee product, you get an activation code. This code is a 25 character alphanumeric key that is a compilation of unique character created fresh on all purchases. Moreover, this Activation Code is also known as the product key. This activation key comes handy when you have to register and activate your purchased subscription. 

Where to look for the McAfee Activation Code?

In the case of an Online Purchase 
When you buy your McAfee product online, you get a confirmation mail. Along with that, your McAfee Activation Code is also present in this confirmation mail.  
In case of the Offline Purchase 
In case you purchase your McAfee product offline, you will get a retail card. Along with this, your activation code is mentioned at the back of this retail card. You will get this retail card in the product box that you get at the time of your purchase. In the retail card, your activation code is hidden behind a silver lining panel that needs to be softly scratched. 

McAfee Activate Procedure

Follow the below-given steps in order to activate your McAfee subscription.  
  • On your device on which you want McAfee protection open your preferred web browser. You can opt for any browser depending upon the availability and the operating system that your device supports. Remember to use an updated version of the browser. 
  • Thereafter, type in in the Address bar of your browser.
  • Then, hit the Enter key on your keyboard. 
  •  As a result, it will take you to the official site that facilitates McAfee Activation. 
  • In the subsequent window, choose the name of your country from the drop-down menu list. Also, you need to ensure that the correct name is selected from the list. 
  • Further, you have to enter the 25 digit Activation Code in the respective field. You should be very careful while entering this code as even the slightest mistake can bother in the McAfee Activate process.
  • After that, click on the “Submit” tab which is located on the left side of the screen.
  • In the following window, you have to connect to your McAfee account. For this, you have to sign in to your Mcafee account. In case, if you are an existing user then log in to your McAfee account. For this, enter the same email address and password that you have mentioned at the time of account creation.
  • In case, if you don’t have an account, then create an account. For this, click on the “Sign Up” button. Thereafter, follow the below-given steps.
    • In the following window, enter the email address that you want to link with this account.
    • Thereafter, you have to create a strong and unique password for your McAfee account. This password must be more than 6 characters minimum, having, symbols, number, and alphabets. This field is case sensitive. 
    • Now, go through the terms and conditions carefully by clicking on their respective links. After that, select the corresponding checkbox in order to agree to all the terms and conditions. 
    • After filling all the details, you are required to click on the “Sign In” button for the successful creation of a new McAfee account
  • In the next window, you should click on the “Continue” tab. You will get this tab at the bottom of the page. 
  • In the end, click on “Install on this PC” option to complete the activation procedure of Mcafee. 
This concludes the McAfee Activate procedure completely of your purchased subscription. You are now ready to experience a secure way to access your device and the internet. 


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